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What Requirement our Smartphones should have Today part2- 180review


Requirement our Smartphones should have part2

This is the second part of this post read the first part to get all info here. And to continue with what Requirement our Smartphones should have Today Part 2. In the First Part, we discussed the first thing that we require in our smartphones and more Requirement our Smartphones should have are below:-

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Requirement our Smartphones should have

  • RAM

    Today the industry is getting big and more powerful apps, games are coming that needs little more RAM. Today we have a world-famous game called PUBG that is the only game till now that is difficult to play with 2 GB of RAM. And this is the start and will definitely get more powerful apps and games. That need more RAM and power.
    So if you are planning to buy Phones nowadays you should have 4 Gb of RAM for future security and for you can play every new games and app with more demands smoothly. (Not if you are planning to buy iPhone because it doesn’t relate with iPhones, It is said that 2 Gb of RAM in iPhone is equal to 4Gb of Ram in Any other android phone).

  • Processor

    For the processor in the phone, I can only say that go for the phone having Qualcomm Snapdragon or Kirin or Exynos or Apple’s Bionic is the best processor. Don’t go for Mediatek Processor because till now there is some problem in its helio’s series also. So remember that.

  • Screen

    In this Year, we got a big Change of in the types of screens as before we are buying phones having a 5 Inch phones with 2 inches of bezel in the top an bottom. Now the Phones having 18:9/ 19:9 screen or Bezel-less Screen. So I think this is the big Innovation in Smartphones Screen industries. So in the minimum Requirement our Smartphones should have includes Bezel-less Display phones. There are many benefits to this. First, it looks cool and second it also decreases the size of Phone but not the screen. And now we have a bigger display and I consider to go for at least 5.9- 6.1-inch screen size with a Bezel-less design that you don’t feel so big and also fits in your pocket.

  • Brand

    I am talking about India and here Smartphone market is at boom since 2 years. Till now it was in boom so I don’t think that any Brand is making Bad or in Indian word Kachda. All are trying their best to compete in this type of market. But Don’t go for a Brand that you never Heard. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Nokia, LG, LYF, ZTE, Lenovo etc are the trusted brand that I Remember while writing the post and More Other brand are also good that I have not mentioned,but They are also good.

  • Other things to consider

  1. Don’t Go for Sleek Design. Sleek phones slip more with hand, Go for normal sized thickness phones.
  2. Don’t Think that Big brand phones are good at the same price as other brands. Not with the flagship(expensive phones) Phone, but except that sometimes small brand gives more valuable product then big.
    For Example- Samsung’s most expensive phone have no doubt that they are better. But other than that I think in a comparison between Samsung and Xiaomi, In all phones Under 200000RS Xiaomi is better because it gives more.



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