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So, Recently You have passed your 10th Board and You are planning to choose Commerce stream, and for that, you want to know the subjects in commerce in 11th. So, you are in the right place because I am a student of commerce myself, and also it is essential to choose the proper subjects in commerce in 11th so that you will study those subjects with full enthusiasm and enjoy your studies.

As Commerce is a vast field where you can choose varieties for career options like a teacher, lawyer, Chartered Accountant, CS, financial consultant, and much more. And also for that, you have to choose subjects according to your career choice in commerce filed.

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Now, Like you, all know that in 11th you have to study 5 main subjects (in which 2 compulsory and 3 optional subjects) and if you want, then you can choose 1 Additional subject also. One thing more that Optional and additional subjects may vary as per the school education board.

So, you have to check from your school or college about the available subjects to choose an additional paper. 

So, here is the List of all subjects in commerce in 11th.

subjects in commerce in 11th


2 Compulsory Subjects in commerce in 11th

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies (BST)

3 Optional Subjects in commerce in 11th + 1 Additional

  • Economics
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Business Maths (BMT)
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Painting


This is the most Important subjects in commerce in 11th to study. It is also a primary and compulsory subject in commerce in 11th. This Subject teaches Book-keeping means recording every type of business transactions like Purchase of goods, sells of Goods, Inventory, Purchase return, sells return, and every type of business transaction. These Transactions are known as Journal entries

For Example: If you purchased Goods for cash for your business, then the Journal entry will be.

Goods A/c   – Dr.  $10     To cash A/c              $10

Business Studies (BST)

 This is the second most important and compulsory subjects in commerce study. Totally Interesting Theoretical book only related to the study of a Business organization. It Teaches us about nature, Objective, Behaviours, of Business organization, also how business works, all the management concepts even.

BST subjects in commerce in 11th will teach you a brief about Nature and Objective of a business organization later in 12th, and further you will get in-depth Knowledge of this subject.


we all are familiar to this subject as we all studied this before in 10th, and in 11th we have 2 Books of Economics- Micro and Macro, in Micro, we study about a people’s and family’s economic analysis, and on Macro we study national economics like things include maths and table work.
Economics subjects in commerce in 11th is not Compulsory, but in commerce stream, we have to choose this subject because it teaches us about the economic Behaviour and Analysis that is important for us to know for our Career. But If you want, we cannot choose economics.

English / Hindi

These are language papers as we all know we have to choose one of them or we can also select both of them one an optional and other as an Additional paper.
Business Mathematics
This is the one subject which we choose to say “commerce with maths.”  If we decide this, we Study about  Interest, Ratio, and other maths only that is used in running a business.


This is one of the Commonly Picked 5th subject in class 11th. Entrepreneurship is a pure Theory Book related to the mindset, behavior, and decision making of a businessman/entrepreneur.

Other subjects we can choose as option ar as Additional. 

  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Painting etc.

So, This is it a Brief Article on what are the subjects in commerce in 11th, I think this will help you with your Query. Comment if you have any question, I would love to answer your question if genuine.



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