Is It Good to Choose Commerce Stream after 10th

Commerce Stream After 10th is good for you or not. let’s decide to choose Commerce Stream After 10th is good for you or not together with a commerce student.
Hmm, I am a commerce student and studying second year(12th). So, I think I can help you to find that commerce is for you or not as I have faced all the questions regarding Commerce Stream After 10th is good for you or not, is it difficult? , What are the subjects? , what subject to choose among choices? , what can I do after 12th or , What are the career/ Job options for me? , What subjects are difficult?

Let me share my experience with you after chosen commerce Stream After 10th. Your own school friends will treat you as 

Commerce Wale Ho Kya

why to Commerce Stream after 10th?

So, recently you have passed your 10th board exams, congrats for your results, you all got a very good percentage and First of all, Don’t compare you with others,  you are unique. And now you are a little bit confused about what stream to choose commerce, Science or arts(Humanities).

Commerce is a popular choice for an average student as well as some of the Toppers. Now, Some of Us Pick Commerce Stream After 10th as we think Science is going to be difficult and also we don’t Like to study History like theoretical subjects so, we thought a better option for us to choose Commerce Stream After 10th. But before choosing a stream after 10th board, we should figure out what we want to do in our Life, yes if we know that what you want to be in your life, it helps you in the future and you will not be confused after 12th what to do, but most of the students can’t able to figure out what they want to be till 10th board, So, let you know

choosing Stream after 10th can’t decide your Future, but can empact your Future.

now after reading the above content still you thought Commerce Stream After 10th board is good for you.

Then, First of all, you need to figure out these 4 points:-
  • Do you believe in Living in the present?
  • Are you Good at numbers/maths?
  • Do you like Finance, marketing, stocks, Company?
  • Do you like accounts, management, economics?
And if you say yes, for at least 3 of the above points, Buddy commerce is for you and you will rock the studies.

Is Commerce difficult after 10th?

Actually, you know the answer to this question, just ask yourself in your mind you will get a big NO.
Commerce is not difficult just you have to study it carefully. if you are attending your school/college regularly I don’t think you need extra tuition classes also, just studying a little at your own and do the work. commerce is not like science that has more studies that you can study and remember.
also not like arts like the theoretical subjects to only remember the whole day.
It is fun to study commerce if you can do big subtraction and addition. yes, commerce also includes some theoretical subject but if you are interested in doing business and Entrepreneurship or you have a family Business Commerce is good for you.

Class 11th commerce books/ Subjects

As we all know after 10th, in all streams we have to study at least 5 subjects and can pick up to 6 Subject as an optional 6th subject.
Commerce is new for us because we have never read some subjects of commerce like Accounts, BST, ETP, So if you Choose commerce after 10th, you should study well to be familiar with these new subjects. 
  • Accountancy (compulsory)
    Subject to study book-keeping means how to record business transactions, also teaches in-depth about every type of business transaction, Debit-Credit, loan,sales-purchase in mathematical term.
  • Business Studies(BST) (Compulsory)
    Very Interesting Theoretical book only related to study a Business Behaviours and management concepts.
  • English/Hindi (language paper)
    Language book same in Science, Commerce, and arts.
  • EconomicsWe have already familiar with this subject as we have studied before 10th. here we have 2 Books of Economics Micro and Macro, in Micro, we study about a people/a family’s economic analysis and on Macro we study national economics like things include maths and table work.
  • Business Maths(BMT)/ Entrepreneurship(ETP)
    Business maths is Pure Maths book in Commerce in which we study Interest, Ratio, and other maths only that is used in running a business. Where Entrepreneurship is a pure Theory Book related to the mindset, behavior, and decision making of a businessman/entrepreneur.
  • Computer Science( optional)
    yes, you can choose computer science with commerce, many students don’t know that they can take computer science with commerce.

what can I do after 12th commerce?

After 12th Every Student has again the same question as on 10th – What to do after 12th commerce. So, first of all, many students don’t know all the courses they can take except the most Popular once
So, here’s the list of courses they can choose:-

  • BCom in Accounting and Commerce
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS) 
  • BCA (IT and Software)
  • BB
  • BA

These are the most popular one, except all these, there are more 15+ courses you can find Here.

Career in Commerce after Graduation?

Commerce is a very vast field having dozens of career options but to get a job, it depends on your graduation study and on individual aptitude
Here are the few Popular Career options in commerce:-

  • Banking
  • Accounting And Taxation
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Company Secretary
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Lawyer
  • Financial consultant
  • Your Own Business
  • Something Out of the Box(startup)
To Know in more about career options in commerce after graduation click Here.
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