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How On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner works on Android. Who Invented In-Display Fingerprint


About In-Display/In-screen/On-screen Fingerprint Scanner works

In this post, we are writing about How On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner works on Android. Who Invented On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner. Which was the first phone with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner?

On-screen Fingerprint scanner, Vivo nex


First Phone with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

This is the new Innovation in the fingerprint’s Industry, to place Fingerprint scanner inside the screen. There are many Rumours comes before that Samsung and Apple were planning to launch this technology with its Note 8 and iPhone X. But this can’t be possible.

This Time Vivo Launched Its First On-Screen Phone Vivo Nex. And let Samsung and Apple Behind this in this Technology. This is a good innovation for Full-Screen Phones without any Bezels. After that Notch phones will stop coming to market. Because I Don’t Like Notches. Please, Comment Do you like Notches or not.

To read more about Vivo Nex click here

Who Invented On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

As I mentioned Above that Samsung and Apple are Trying to Insert an On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner on their phones. But this Would not Possible For them. And Vivo makes this possible. Vivo is testing their prototypes with the Optical Finger Print Scanner Made By Company called Synaptic. 

Synaptics made an Optical On-screen fingerprint Scanner that Vivo deals with and test it with their Phones and got Success. So we can say that Synaptics is the company who invented on-screen fingerprint scanner.


How On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner works

Synaptics made an optical Fingerprint scanner which can be placed inside the screen. But there is a problem that placing this optical fingerprint scanner inside any screen is not possible for its proper Work. And as I mentioned that this is an optical scanner which means, it produces lights that reflect after striking on our Fingerprints and make a map of our Fingerprints.

So for the perfect formation of fingerprint map, only OLED Display has no lights behind the screen so this Fingerprint Scanner can only be placed under an OLED Display. And Vivo makes this possible and have success on their project. So this is How the On-screen Fingerprint scanner works and we get the first phone with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner.



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