How Are Future smartphones going to be? Part 1


The First Phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell In 1876 which was a wired phone. Then In 1960, the First Answering phone with a new design that we view nowadays was invented by Kazuo Hashimoto. Then In 1984 First Cell Phone was made by Motorola Which was the first commercially available. After that, we have got many portable Phones.

Hello Friends, In this post, we are going to tell About with the internet Knowledge and with my thinking that
And If we are talking about the future of Cellular Phones, it is necessary to tell about the Innovation on cell phones.

So I am trying my best to write this post and give you All answer to all Questions in my mind and of your mind. Let us view the first question.

what do we imagine when we think about future phones?

Whenever we think about the future phones we remember the phones of a secret agent and a very powerful man in Hollywood movies. Like when I think, I always remember Ironman (tony stark), …yes That’s cool. Where he has a small holographic phone doing all his works with the little finger gestures and by listening to his voice.

All imagination we think can be possible but this will take time.

How Are Future smartphones going to be?

Future phones are going to be very awesome. We will get the total change in a few years in the smartphone industry as the industry is going.

We have talked above about all the innovation and about our imagination for phones in the future. Now, we are talking about the technology that is going to be true in a few years.

Foldable Phones

We all heard sometimes about the foldable phone since 2010. ZTE has already made his foldable phone named “ZTE Axon M Dual” Which was now actually foldable that phone has a dual screen on which screen splits with the center and again when needed it comes back. Some other companies are also working on this project like Samsung is working on this project. They named it “Project V V for Valley. But the prototype was leaked, that was a Dual Screen phone, and Samsung canceled his Project valley. 

But all companies which are trying to make foldable phones are making a phone with a dual screen. But we need foldable phones which we can fold twice, thrice like a paper. Sorry for more demands, I know its start and start is not the final. This is the step to make paper like foldable phones. I think, if the research is going on of foldable phones, we get paper fold phones in Some Decades.



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